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The tertiary care system of the equipment
- Dec 24, 2017 -

Three-level maintenance system is our country the mid - 1960 - s, in the former Soviet union plan in ap system on the basis of the practice in our country, gradually perfected and developed a kind of maintenance repair system, it embodies the management of equipment maintenance in the center of gravity from the repair to the maintenance of the shift, reflects the progress of the equipment maintenance management and maintenance management policy of putting prevention in the more clear. The three levels of maintenance include: daily maintenance of equipment, primary maintenance and secondary maintenance. The three-level maintenance system is the mandatory maintenance system which is mainly based on the operator and the warranty. The three-level maintenance system is to rely on the masses, to give full play to the enthusiasm of the masses, to carry out group management group repair, the special group to combine, to do well equipment maintenance the effective way.