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The wire drawing machine controller starts the rear swing rod and pulls up quickly and cannot perform PID control
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Reason 1: weight of swing lever is too heavy or (single regulating wheel) manufacturer parameter 1 too large or manufacturer parameter 2 is too small; Double idler pulley for the proportion of transfer coefficient is too large (i.e. the line in controller to provide initial voltage frequency converter, or draft of initial frequency inverter voltage values are not correct), make the draft and take-up has just started in speed, weight problems can be in accordance with the drawing of wire diameter size appropriate configuration.

Processing: set parameters correctly.

Reason 2: there is a sliding phenomenon in the draft driving belt, which makes the drafting excessive and unstable, which is shown as the pendulum pole - there is a large fluctuation and cannot be accelerated.

Process: replace the belt.