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The rise of re industrialization in developed countries
- Jan 07, 2018 -

The first industrial revolution is machinery instead of manpower. The second industrial revolution is to automatically replace manual labor. The third industrial revolution will be automation upgrading to intellectualization. At present, the developed countries, such as Europe, America and Japan, have entered the era of intellectualization. And industrial automation technology is developing to the direction of intelligence, network and integration.            Since the end of 2012, the developed countries such as the United States and other developed countries have appeared "re industrialization" in the development of manufacturing industry, which is called the signal of the third industrial revolution by the industry.            Before, the developed countries such as the United States put the low end part of their manufacturing industry in developing countries, which is commonly referred to as the foundry business. Relying on the high profit of finished products, the developed countries enjoy the spire of Pyramid.            With the developing countries, labor costs and management costs continue to rise, December 2012, Apple Corp CEO Cook announced it was part of the production line of the Apple Corp to take back to the United States; in addition, general electric, HP, Nike, Chrysler and other famous brands have also joined the return tide, have to shift production back to the u.s.. It all stems from the new strategy of American manufacturing - "re - industrialization".            The re - industrialization of the United States coincides with the vision of the third industrial revolution. It is generally believed that the re industrialization of the United States is by no means the return of manufacturing in the traditional sense. It will spawn a new mode of production, and the application of intelligent devices with customized characteristics will become a major trend.            In the process of re industrialization, institutional innovation and technological innovation are intertwined. The innovation of the system is driven by the government (including the financial system), and the technological innovation is driven by the emerging industries. In the process of the development of new industries, high-end manufacturing equipment has become the primary task of innovation.