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The purpose and function of wood drawing machine of wood grain drawing machine.
- Feb 06, 2018 -

Use of wire drawing machine: it is mainly used for solid wood, wood, wood skin, anti-corrosion wood, wood plastic board, particleboard, etc., to pull out plate texture and improve product grade. The customer can customize the drawing machine suitable for the product according to their own size requirement. Main technical parameters

According to the processing effect, efficiency and other requirements, different quantity of processing units (such as abrasive tools) can be configured.

Can be used for a variety of heterosexual parts, bending wood furniture, stair, racks, picture frames, handicraft of white body and primer polishing grinding, grinding evenly, sanding effect is remarkable, at the same time greatly reduce sanding cost; It can be operated by two workers at the same time, with infinitely variable speed, sand cloth and brush can be changed separately, and the roller width can be selected according to the need.

For board type furniture, real wood floor, planar door, handicraft, bamboo curtain and so on the sand light. The machine body weight is big, the machine must be after heat treatment, high strength, good stability and main components using the United States, Japan and Taiwan famous brand parts, high precision, long service life and the thickness of the sanding thicknessing by computer, more accurate and convenient adjustment.

The rubber roller adopts imported 20-40 degrees of natural wear resistant rubber, the sand belt speed frequency conversion adjustment, suitable for all kinds of paint properties, and can effectively eliminate the horizontal grain white edge phenomenon.

The raw material conveying adopts the pressure roller structure, which can be machined with large area deformation.

The fuselage is welded with steel plate bending, large weight and stable operation.

The lifting of the table adopts the four-column lifting mechanism with small error and high precision.

The polishing wheel structure can effectively remove the sand marks left by the sand cutting.

Mesh belt mainly include: various types of conveyor mesh belt, metal mesh belt, stainless steel mesh belt, high temperature resistant net belt, wave series belt of net, b type mesh belt, mesh belt, Great Wall, horseshoe chain mesh belt, chain transmission mesh belt, flat wire metal mesh belt, mesh belt, belt, spiral mesh belt herringbone transport network, bar chain conveyor, drying equipment mesh belt, filter, cars, defoaming tortoiseshell net, punching net, heat treatment, suitable for spraying equipment, ultrasonic washing equipment, food production of transportation equipment, glassware, freeze tunnel furnace annealing furnace, ceramic equipment, electronic industrial tube and annealing on the printed circuit board assembly line, high temperature resistant special equipment, sintering LuWang band, tempering LuWang LuWang, LuWang quenching, annealing, reductive LuWang, furnace brazing LuWang belt and other equipment.

The chain can be divided into short pitch precise roller chain, long pitch precision roller chain, heavy load drive plate roller chain, cement machine chain, plate chain. High strength chain, high strength chain cable series, professional for engineering supporting, manufacturing supporting, production line supporting and special environment supporting use.