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The process method and the situation of drawing of the plane drawing machine are understood.
- Feb 20, 2018 -

Flat wire drawing machine is often applied in daily life to meet the high standard of processing in modern life, and it is widely used in daily production and processing.

Flat wire drawing machine is a dedicated to do wire drawing of stainless steel surface processing equipment, suitable for circular, cylindrical, flat plate, chassis, cabinets, following, tableware, kitchen utensils and appliances, etc. The surface of the stainless steel wire drawing processing.

The drawing effect of flat wire drawing machine can increase the aesthetic feeling of stainless steel surface and beautiful line, remove impurities, scratches and bruises on the surface of stainless steel. It has the characteristics of automatic control, reducing labor cost, improving production efficiency, and removing sand belt consumables.

The work of flat wire drawing machine is mainly through wire, wire drawing and winding to complete the whole process. So how does it work?

Pay-off: for all the work link of wire drawing machine, wire drawing machine wire alignment process without the requirement of high precision, dual frequency conversion control of wire drawing machine, by using the drawing link thread tension disc stretching, or automatically by the tension pay-off stand pay-off.

Wire drawing: different metal materials, different products and precision requirement, drawing link is very different, drawing part is controlled by a main motor, guided by the metal wire through internal cone, after mold and gradually stretch at all levels, in order to achieve the required specifications of the wire. At the same time, the cooling fluid is opened to cool the mold.

Rewinding: winding is the most critical part of the plane drawing machine, and it is the decisive influence on the performance of wire drawing machine, and it is also an important basis for testing the mechanical and electrical performance of wire drawing machine.

What happens to the drawing machine in the drawing?

Deformation in order to choose appropriate wire drawing machine, wire drawing machine in the drawing must be determine the power of wire drawing machine, otherwise it will appear the following different fault: the current drawing machine national standards JB/T 7910-1999 rules for wire drawing machine type and basic parameters of wire drawing machine, wire drawing machine, drawing machine, the technical requirements for the test methods, inspection rules of wire drawing machine, wire drawing machine logo, packaging, transport and storage, and the manufacture of wire drawing machine.

The flat wire drawing machine has a small continuous production equipment consisting of multiple drawing heads, and the steel wire can be drawn to the required specifications at one time through successive drawing, so the work efficiency is relatively high.