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The machine and components of the wire drawing machine.
- Jan 25, 2018 -

The following models and components are selected as electrical transmission equipment for the equipment.

INV1: draft frequency converter S011Z3.

INV2: volume converter S004G3.

Braking resistor: 1000 w / 70 Ω

The draft motor adopts the S011Z3 inverter, and the winding motor adopts the S004G3 type winding special frequency converter (external configuration dynamic resistance).

The operation instruction and output frequency signal of the host INV1 are used as the operation instruction and frequency instruction of the machine INV2.

When parking, for the heavy weight of the full plate in the reverse direction to prevent the interruption caused by inertia.

JOG function is used to realize the point dynamic work.

Swinging rod output voltage signals as feedback signal to the internal variable PID correction control, with three crystal frequency converter series winding speed curve prediction unique graphics operation, realize constant linear velocity winding, meet the technological requirements.