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The key to Control the Precision of drawing Machine
- Jan 30, 2018 -

1. The basic performance of the drawing machine
In the wire drawing machine that we should look at how his actual performance, if the poor quality, the influence is bound to bring us that is relatively large. So we have to look at what method of drawing machine control will be better, of course because of different requirements and the accuracy. We can choose natural products are also more and more. If you want better to produce it, that we should look at how the nature of his accuracy and stability, so that we can choose the suitable drawing machine, do not know how to see.
2.The working process of the drawing machine
If you want to use the drawing machine to work it, we also should know that the nature of his operation is how, simple, love to say we need to experience the line drawing and winding and the three process, if we can note in this process a lot, and he reached the corresponding the requirements, it is bound to our product quality is also quite good. Besides we should pay attention to his specific requirements about this, but also have a certain influence to our operation. If we can take some aspects of this work that is quite good.