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The influence factors of lubricant on drawing
- Jan 14, 2018 -

(1) concentration. The high concentration of lubricant enhances its lubrication, the friction coefficient of wire and die wall is small, and the corresponding friction force decreases, and the tensile force decreases. However, the concentration is too large, and the viscosity of the lubricant increases, and its flushing effect is reduced. The metal chip of the die hole is not easy to take away, resulting in poor surface quality of the wire. The concentration is too large, the metal particles will not precipitate, suspended in the lubricant, but affect the lubrication effect.

(2) temperature. Lubricant temperature is exorbitant, lost its cooling effect, make the metal wire and mould temperature, discoloration, die life, reduce wire oxidation, also affect the strength of the grease lubrication film, lubrication effect. The temperature is too high and the viscosity of lubricant increases, which is not good for stretching.

(3) cleanliness. The mixture of acid in the lubricant causes the lubricant to stratify and lose its lubrication effect. The amount of alkali in the lubricant increases, which can cause corrosion damage to the metal wire. There are solid impurities in the lubricant, which affect the lubricating system of the equipment, resulting in the insufficient supply of lubricant, which reduces the role of lubricant.