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The difference between flat wire drawing machine and surface drawing machine.
- Feb 20, 2018 -

The drawing machine is suitable for various types of products, and the plane wire drawing machine is one of them. It is used to grind the plane of the workpiece. It can be divided into many kinds, different kinds, suitable for different materials of products, one on one processing. Whether it is plastic board, stainless steel plate, etc., such as surface drawing, grinding, silk grain processing and other technologies, the visual effect presented is very fine, quality assurance.

The application of wire drawing machine is very generalized now. The products processed by wire drawing are reflected in all walks of life, and are loved by many users. Home today wire drawing factory is mainly to introduce about the two different structure of the device, a flat equipment, the other is a surface equipment, now let's see what are the differences between the two.

1. Introduction to surface drawing machine:

This kind of equipment is very popular at present, not only for excellent performance in operation, but also very simple in use and maintenance. The surface wire drawing machine can be used to complete the surface of the workpiece surface.

A planar drawing machine, the biggest feature is then controlled machine, its operating system is operated by the controller and the control panel processing, fully achieve automatic wire drawing processing.

2. In the process of using the wire drawing machine, avoid accidents. Its main body welding is very strong and can be used safely.

3. Different kinds of wire drawing machines are different for different processing products. The processing width of the machine is different, and the height can be regulated.

Four, when drawing machine in the process of operation, if any accident, flat wire drawing machine of main motor can do the emergency brake, suspend work, to inspect the machine and so on, if there is a security risk.

5. The individual flat wire drawing machine needs to be used with other equipment to reflect its effect and supplement each other, so as to better surface treatment of workpiece products.

Therefore, its applicable scope is quite widespread, mainly include the industry are: aluminum alloy craftwork factory, stainless steel pieces of craft factory, copper process factory, VCD factory, speaker factory, chassis, cabinets, lock, heat sink, etc. The surface of the panel wire drawing processing. Today, flat wire drawing machine has been a lot of old friends of manufacturer, has brought great convenience for the drawing work, also save more cost for the enterprise, and create higher profits.

2. Introduction to flat wire drawing machine:

This equipment also has excellent production performance. In most cases, it is used for the drawing and scanning of various metal surfaces, such as aluminum plates, aluminum profiles and stainless steel plates. Wet processing can be used to make the production process more green, less noise, more secure, and ensure that the processing time is unchanged. After dealing with the flat wire drawing machine wire drawing, workpiece surface texture rendering clear straight hair silking, surface level off, smooth, visual effect is good, the workpiece more aesthetic feeling, look have qualitative feeling more.