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The die drawing method of wire drawing machine3
- Jan 12, 2018 -

New theoretical model (X method)

The base of low slide cable is: safety (continuous line) smooth (continuous) pull line, and can reduce sliding to the lowest. Therefore, the minimum sliding coefficient requirements are:

1. 1. 1. 3- 1.

2. Safety sliding coefficient

Method presented here to determine the safety coefficient of sliding tau 2, LH - 280/17 wire drawing machine, have to meet the structure of the performance of low sliding thread safety sliding coefficient is by lowering the last line of cone pulley ratios to achieve its growth. Therefore, the safe sliding coefficient is 2= (1.2/1.15) *1.005=1.049.

For example, the safety sliding coefficient of LLH -200/17 wire drawing machine is 2= (1.2/1.15) *1.005=1.049;

B22 wire-drawing machine, safety sliding coefficient of design 2= (1.175/1.15) *1.005=1.027;

The safety sliding coefficient of B32 wire drawing machine is 2= (1.15/1.12) *1.005=1.032;

The safety sliding coefficient of S20 wire drawing machine is 2= (1.12/1.08) *1.005=1.042;

The safety sliding coefficient of S24 wire drawing machine is 2= (1.1/1.08) *1.005=1.024.

A. Determine the mechanical parameters of wire drawing machine:

Each drawing machine specification has equipment parameters, mechanical elongation rate (or different name), which is the growth ratio of the adjacent tower wheel of the wire drawing machine. The growth ratio of LH-280/17 wire drawing machine is:

1.20:1, (the last one: 1.15:1), namely: n=1.2.

B. Sliding coefficient:

1. 3 - tau tau n take 1.005

2. Safety sliding coefficient, 2= (1.2/1.15) *1.005=1.049.

C. Calculation of the elongation coefficient of wire: 1= 1* 1* 2=1.15*1.049=1.206.

U n = 1.2 * 1.005 = 1.206

D. Determine the incoming and outgoing line specifications: incoming line: 2.80; Qualification: 1.00

E. mold fitting calculation: dn = mu * dn - 1) n (1.00-1.098-1.206-1.206-1.455-1.325-1.754-1.927-2.116-2.116-2.552-2.323)

Summary: compared with the above three modes, the low sliding cable has a great advantage in energy saving. Moreover, the loss of drawing oil is reduced, the life of the tower wheel is prolonged, and the comprehensive benefit is obvious. According to the technical level, management level and reasonable selection, the three modes are suitable for local conditions. Each of the three modes has its own characteristics, C method, the equipment and mold requirements are not strict; X method and J method require high precision of equipment, strict requirements for mold tolerance, and high operation level of operators. X method combined with series mould (see "medium wire drawing machine using series of mould to improve mold utilization"), the effect is better. It is also important to use the mould and lubrication system to achieve good results in low sliding cable. In order to improve the production level and technology level, the company can achieve the goal of energy saving.