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The die drawing method of wire drawing machine2
- Jan 12, 2018 -

Traditional theory and mode (C method)

Symbol definition and related formulas.

In the past, the symbols were defined from the incoming line, which is convenient for computer calculation (using Execl spreadsheet), just the opposite from the exit mode.

1. Channel mold aperture :(export mode) d1, d2, d3... Dn... .

2. Extension coefficient of each channel :(at the beginning of the fixed speed roller) Mu n...

3. The growth ratio of each tower wheel: Argument n...

4. Sliding coefficient of each channel: 1, 2, 2, 3... The tau n...

5. The NTH cone (cumulative) sliding coefficient: absolutely Τ n =.vn/Un

6. Linear velocity of the NTH tower wheel: Vn.

7. The speed of copper wire on the NTH tower wheel: Un.

8. Mu n = argument tau n * n

9. The dn = dn - 1 mu n *)

The following is an example of the calculation method of the distribution mode:

A. Determine the mechanical parameters of wire drawing machine:

Each drawing machine specification has equipment parameters, mechanical elongation rate (or different name), which is the growth ratio of the adjacent tower wheel of the wire drawing machine. The growth ratio of LH-280/17 wire drawing machine is:

1.20:1, (the last one: 1.15:1), namely: n=1.2.

B. Sliding coefficient

In general, 1.02-1.04, and n=1.03.

C. Calculation of the extension coefficient of the wire: n=

D. Determine the incoming and outgoing line specifications: incoming line: 2.80; Qualification: 1.00

E. Model calculation