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The die drawing method of wire drawing machine1
- Jan 12, 2018 -

Application of absolute sliding coefficient distribution method (J method)

Application basis: continuous pull wire drawing machine, wire rod in each tower, the unit time volume is equal.

That is, U1*S1=Un*Sn (U1: the speed of the wire on the constant speed wheel, S1: the sectional area of the wire on the fixed speed wheel)


Τ n =.vn/Un

Un =.vn/Tn, U1 = V1

Set: absolute speed ratio Kn=V1/Vn.

Safety coefficient of sliding Τ 2 = tau 2; The rest of the Τ 3 = Τ 2 + 0.001... Τ n = Τ n - 1 + 0.001

A. Determine the mechanical parameters of wire drawing machine:

Each drawing machine specification has equipment parameters, mechanical elongation rate (or different name), which is the growth ratio of the adjacent tower wheel of the wire drawing machine. The growth ratio of LH-280/17 wire drawing machine is:

1.20:1, (last: 1.15:1).

B. Sliding coefficient:

2 = 1. The safety coefficient of sliding Τ tau = 2 (1.2/1.15) * 1.005 = 1.049.

2. Τ 3 - Τ n take: Τ 3 = Τ 2 + 0.001... Τ n = Τ n - 1 + 0.001 (wear model, a relatively smooth momentum)

C. Determine incoming and outgoing line specifications: incoming line: 2.80; Qualification: 1.00

D. Model calculation:

1. Assume the V1=1000 of the speed wheel, and calculate Vn with the growth ratio of the neighboring tower wheel.

2. Calculate Kn by absolute speed ratio Kn=V1/Vn.

3. Through the dn Kn * Τ n = (d1), to calculate each of the specifications of the mold. (it is convenient to actually use EXCEL)