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The development trend of tin plating
- Jan 07, 2018 -

Due to the tin plating layer is not easy to change color in the air, and it has good weldability, electrical conductivity and low cost, so in the field of electric power, electrical appliances, electronic industry, tin plating instead of silver has become a development trend. Neutral-bright brush tin plating technology has overcome the shortcomings of common acid plating tin and alkaline tin plating technology, and solved many specific problems of current brush tin plating technology. The main features are as follows:

1. The tin-plate appearance silver and white light, the color is even.

2. The tin liquid has no corrosive effect on the substrate (such as aluminum and its alloys) and the original tin plating layer. In large area brush plating, the neutral tin plating liquid will not corrode the unshaded base metal, and will not corrode the shiny tin coating, which has no effect on the luster of the original tin layer.

3. The tin plating can be repeated several times. When it is necessary to brush the thick tin layer, it can be brushed again on the original tin layer (if the original tin coating thickness is not enough, it needs to be plated tin again, etc.), the appearance quality of the tin coating is the same.

4. The thickness capacity is greater than 0.3 mm, much higher than the current conventional brush plating technology.

5. Wide temperature range of construction. It can be done under normal temperature, and even hot summer or long brush plating can cause the plating bath to heat up without affecting the gloss effect of tin coating.

6. The brush plating voltage is wide and can be tinned normally in a range of 3~ 8V.

7. Neutral and bright tinning liquid is safe, environmentally friendly, harmless to the human body and pollution-free. The company is a professional production and manufacturing drawing machine, copper wire drawing machine, bare copper wire drawing machine.