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The development status of Japanese wire drawing machine
- Dec 27, 2017 -

Japan claims wire drawing machine with high speed, combined with advanced auxiliary equipment, to develop in the direction of sectional drawing machine, in terms of wire drawing machine design and manufacturing, a slight gap compared with European countries, but in such aspects as auxiliary equipment, simplify the electrical control system for a large amount of work; Its guiding ideology is that the machine should be operated, easy to maintain, easy to maintain, with advanced and efficient auxiliary equipment to improve the production efficiency of wire drawing. It firstly made a breakthrough in ac frequency conversion speed regulation, making it easier, reliable, operation and maintenance. Another feature is that it advocates the use of combined-type wire drawing machines to minimize equipment investment under the premise of guaranteeing the quality of steel wire. To the market in 5.5 heavy wire rod as raw material to the typical process for the fall, its specific practice is: use qb600 or qb560 pulley drawing machine as a bad machine layout in the forefront of sectional drawing machine, intermediate configuration qb400 pulley wire drawing machine, the finished product before a time with double mandrel drawing machine, the purpose is to prepare for the discharge without a stop line, and when the wire into the finished product mould, decrease The Times of reverse and finished product reel USES the straight line wire drawing machine, with two-way straightening mechanism, basically eliminate and steel wire in the previous time drawing of torsion effect; In the end, it is used to improve the efficiency of wire drawing line.