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The development of European drawing machine
- Dec 27, 2017 -

European countries to European industrial developed countries such as Italy, Germany, Sweden, claiming the looping to large-scale, high-speed wire drawing machine, straight line direction, based on the advanced machinery, electrical industry system, first of all in wire drawing die and its lubrication technology and drum water cooling system, a breakthrough to make steel wire drawing speed and quality greatly improved, the wire drawing machine is main loop type, straight line and the water tank wire drawing machine. But is operating worker under the condition of our country's technical level is low, wire drawing lubricant E, the quality of wire rod can meet the requirements of high speed drawing, such as electrical components quality and reliability of dc system, in particular products manufacturer was difficult to maintain. Under the current conditions, I believe that the development of the metal products industry in China should not pursue such advanced advanced drawing machines. , although its advantages are known as auxiliary and supporting domestic level, can make this kind of wire drawing machine in the actual production reached the performance of the machine, causing investment waste, recycling time is too long.