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The application and function of automatic wire drawing machine in daily life.
- Feb 20, 2018 -

Automatic wire drawing machine is often applied in daily life to meet the high standard of processing in modern life, which is widely used in daily production and processing.

Automatic drawing machine is a dedicated to do wire drawing of stainless steel surface processing equipment, suitable for circular, cylindrical, flat plate, chassis, cabinets, following, tableware, kitchen utensils and appliances, etc. The surface of the stainless steel wire drawing processing.

The drawing effect of the automatic wire drawing machine can increase the quality of the stainless steel surface and the beauty of the line, and remove impurities, scratches and bruises on the surface of stainless steel. It has the characteristics of automatic control, reducing labor cost, improving production efficiency, and removing sand belt consumables.

Automatic drawing machine is a kind of workpiece processing using a wide range of machinery and equipment, and processing drawing customers need larger equipment, but the understanding of the automatic drawing machine is less, understand the function of the automatic drawing machine, to help manufacturers efficient output, and produce good quality products, so what's the function of automatic drawing machine?

The function of automatic wire drawing machine is divided into four parts:

1. Firmly adsorb the steel wire and enter the wire drawing die with the steel wire, effectively separating the two interfaces of the deformation zone;

2, corrosion resistance, high pressure and high temperature during the course of drawing under the condition of high pressure and temperature rise, the light synovial can still maintain its smoothness and continuity without being damaged, coking, agglomerate and transformation, namely has the physical and chemical stability;

3, automatic drawing machine has excellent extensibility and smoothness, which can not only firmly adsorbed on wire appearance, and can be extended in accordance with the steel wire deformation, light synovial layer structure, each layer within the molecular binding force strong and weak molecular bonding force between the layers;

4. The components that make up the smooth agent will not react with the steel wire matrix, which will produce the compound that affects the steel wire function, or the corrosion effect of the steel wire attack, and simple elimination.