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Steel wire drawing machine mould
- Mar 29, 2017 -

Drawing is a metalworking process in pressurized metal working forces in high-speed wire drawing machines of the metal under forced through a die, metal cross sectional area is compressed, and obtains the required cross-sectional area of the shape and size of technical processing methods. Wire is wire through, made from coarse to fine, the traditional mold that is used. And the new generation of roller replace wire-drawing die mold, roller is made of 2~4 driven roller drawing die, common structure is the cross model, consists of a pair of vertical rollers 2 and 4 and a pair of horizontal rollers 3 and 5, another structure is steel wire drawing machine consists of a pair of horizontally or vertically composed of rollers.

Roller advantages:

1, significantly increasing productivity.

Comparison of wire drawing die and roller life, the same brushed stainless steel case is about 60-80 times shorter, because they do not require frequent replacement of wire drawing die, greatly reducing downtime, indirectly raising productivity.

2, saving energy consumption.

Dies during the drawing process 4 times the coefficient of rolling friction is the friction coefficient times the roller die-rolling deformation the reduced energy, the same yield less energy.

3, reduce the rate of broken wires.

Because the roller of rolling drawn steel wire tension reduction, line reduced contrast reduced by an average of about 7-10 times the frequency, reduce wiring time.

4, cost reduction.

Greatly reduces the frequency replacement, a replacement after a roller 60-80 times longer than die. Allows the operator to take care of more equipment, streamline the number of workers.

5, reduction of environmental pollution.

Wire drawing die lubricants in use, a lot of dust scattered around the device, high air pollution, environmental cleanliness is poor.

6, convenient, and easy to implement.

Roller die replacement dies, little requirements on wire drawing machine new or old style. The new "mini roller" small size, you can easily replace any new or old wire drawing machine dies, install replacement easy.