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Steel bar straightening machine safety technology gives the low-down
- Mar 29, 2017 -

1. When installing the bear, bear tank centerline alignment guide tube, down the barrel and adjustable cutter hole center line.

2. After installation is complete, check the electrical system should be performed and drawing machine production of its components is damaged, solid machine connection parts straightening equipment is reliable, the rotating part is flexible, each part correctly, before commissioning. Bearing temperature should be checked in the test run, view the hammers, knives and shearing artifacts such as gear is normal. Known exceptional condition, before feeding, test controller and cutting.

3. Required straightening steel bar diameter, choose drawing machine equipment of appropriate alignment block, sheave and Scott speed. Aperture should be larger than the diameter of the straightening blocks 2-5mm, sheave Groove width which should be required to straighten steel corresponds to the diameter.

4. Must adjust straightening, straightening in the cylinder, generally equipped with five straightening blocks 1.5, two upright block 4 shall be placed on the center line, the Middle three may deviate from the centerline, making steel offset 3mm offset, after trying straightening, such as steel are still slower corners, gradually increase offset until straightening up.

5. Cut off after three or four steel rods, stop check its length is appropriate. Length deviation limit switch or cut to length plate can be adjusted.

6. Front part of the guide tube should be installed around a length of 1M steel tube. Required straightening of bars should be through the pipe, then put into the guide tube and upright tube, to prevent every bars close at the end of straightening the end ejected hurt.

7. In the straightening blocks are not fixed, before shields did not cover, shall not be worn in reinforcement to prevent the straightening blocks fly out the injured people after the start the machine.

8. Machinery is allowed on the stack object, in case of mechanical vibration into the body.

9. Rolled steel mount down, hands and drum should be kept at arm's length, the machine may not be adjusted in drum. Gloves operation is strictly prohibited.

10. Bar adjustment until the end, when personnel must be avoided to prevent swinging wounding.

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