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Steel bar straightening machine performance materials structure and operation principle
- Mar 29, 2017 -

Straightening machines, also known as straight wire, it is a kind of straightening equipment. Straightening machine is one of the steel processing machinery. Diameter 14 mm steel bar straightening and cutting, cutting length can be customized according to customer requirements. Straightening and cutting of stainless steel wire, aluminum wire and cold wire and plastic coated wire grade steel straightening machine, small incision line, error, good performance.

Straightening machine

Operation principle: motor through belt drive growth, makes adjustable straight tube high-speed rotating, through adjustable straight tube of steel was adjustable straight, and by adjustable straight die clear steel surface of rust skin; by motor through another pair deceleration belt drive and gear deceleration box, while drive cold rolled with rib steel line moving two a transfer pressure roll, traction steel forward movement, on the led crank round, makes hammer upper and lower movement. When steel calls until a predetermined length, and hammer on hammer knives, steel cutting, cut off when the bar fell into the rack, made of stainless steel-bar straightening machine in the spring, the knife back, completed a cycle.

Structure: straightening institution--from straightening rollers, straightening, and press ends of housings, and complete straightening of wire work. Whose power is installed in the lower part of the rack motor via v-belt driven straightening shaft high speed rotation.

--The feed mechanism down part consists of two synchronous running wheels through v-belt chain transmission, drive a gear pair and synchronize it with a pair of rollers with shafts running. When working through rollers cylindrical metal wires run forward through the slot in the presence of friction, adjusting the pressure wheel Spring wire feed speed can be changed. Line speed is its maximum value is equal to wheel round. Work, should be adjusted according to the processing of wire diameter and rigid pressure, to obtain the best straightening results and productivity.

Cutting--cutting from an eccentric mechanism with straight wire road end of the completed tool cut off the action. Eccentric mechanism consists of a spindle, slider, cam, rocker, and the red head, powered by cut off the motor through v-belt drive spindle rotation, under the eccentric mechanism punches do reciprocating motion. Work, when the straight line slot when it reached the length of wire, wires in the wheel group under the action of friction quickly straight Groove forward, the knife on top of punch press bosses moved to punch at the back of the working stroke, this time through impact punch press head, thereby cutting wire. Meanwhile, punch down, below the pressure tank iron-twisting, thread to rotate around the Guide bar, take off the open Groove is cut off wire, gravity automatically fall into line, punch line cutter head on will also upstream, in the presence of torsion spring, thread sealing seal the Groove again. Straight wire Groove in wires lift disappears, restore initial state in the spring, into the next cycle.