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Single frequency and multiple frequency conversion of wire drawing machine.
- Jan 10, 2018 -

What is the difference between the performance and the use of a single frequency converter and multi-frequency converter? How will we choose? Is it suitable for our production to use single or multiple frequency conversion? Baoli electromechanical manufacture explains to you.

Single variable frequency wire drawing machine structure and tension principle: single variable frequency is the direct column tower structure, the box body of the old single variable frequency wire drawing machine is half casting, bearing positioning is front and rear positioning. Sealed as skeleton oil seal. The tension principle is mainly to collect the pulse of the main engine and the receiving pulse signal, which is processed by PLC to control the tension, which means that the tension of single variable frequency drawing machine has a variable relative slip. By adjusting the dial the code switch of a given numerical value, can get the corresponding slip, it is because there is a slip, so the single frequency wire drawing machine for copper and the mould is better adaptability, namely industry workers said the single variable frequency drives well.

The structure and tension principle of double frequency converter machine: double frequency conversion is used in the current market with vertical structure, bearing unilateral positioning and mechanical seal. It hosts and take-up are separate motor, in order to solve the correlation of the two motor, double wire drawing machine tension control of frequency also passed tension board era - the tension screens - special winding converter, are now using the latter. Convenient and easy to apply. Through the position of the tension swing lever, the precision potentiometer is driven to divide the pressure, and the feedback signal is sent to the winding frequency conversion, and the effect of the control tension can be achieved through the PID operation.

So, which of these two devices is good, one view is that the single frequency conversion is good, the speed can be driven to the highest speed, especially the wire and mold relative requirements are not high. This view says that dual conversion is garbage, unpalatable. The mold wears away slightly and the speed is pulled up and broken.

One view is that the dual frequency conversion is good, the output is high, the line surface is good, energy saving. Single variable frequency wire drawing machine can not be used, it is too old, and the bearing is easy to be damaged, oil seal can not be not worn out, and the bearing is damaged due to wear and tear, the maintenance cost is too high. Dual variable frequency drawing machine bearing can reach 5-7 years without replacement, mechanical seal need not worry about oil seal wear problem.