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Pull - line technology
- Jan 07, 2018 -

1. Basic principles:

Wire drawing is a kind of pressure machining method which reduces the cross section and increases the length. Brushed metal is a metal processing.

2. Factors affecting the tensile of wire

Copper and aluminum rod material, tensile strength, deformation degree of material, friction coefficient between wire and die hole, dimension of thread mode die, line mode position, various external factors, anti-tension increase factor.

3. Wire drawing equipment

Single die drawing machine (horizontal and vertical)

Multi-die drawing machine (sliding continuous wire drawing machine, horizontal tower type drum drawing machine)

4. Brushed lubrication

Action of lubricant (lubrication, cooling, cleaning)

Factor (concentration, temperature, cleanliness) of the influence of lube.

Ingredients of lubricants (triethanolamine + soap + water + oleic + kerosene)

5, mould

According to material (hard alloy die, diamond die, die, die)