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Precautions for installation of wire drawing machine.
- Jan 16, 2018 -

The following four points should be paid attention to when using the wire drawing machine:

(1) the installation foundation of the wire drawing machine should be firmly fixed to avoid vibration;

(2) the tension axis of the wire and the center line of the die hole should be symmetrical in the installation, so that the stress of the wire and the drawing die is even;

(3) in the process of drawing, it is necessary to avoid the frequent start of parking, because the friction caused by tensile stress at the beginning of drawing is much larger than that of normal drawing, which is bound to increase the wear of the mould.

(4) the wire used for drawing is pretreated: surface pretreatment and heat treatment.

A. Surface pretreatment: after cleaning and drying the wires with more impurities on the surface, they should be cleaned and dried before drawing;

For wires with more oxidized skin on the surface, it is necessary to pass the acid and dry before drawing.

For the surface of the surface of the skin, pits, heavy skin and other phenomena of the wire, and also through the polishing machine after the grinding of the drawing;

B. Heat treatment: for wires with too high hardness or uneven hardness, it is necessary to reduce the hardness by annealing or tempering, and to maintain a good hardness of the wire and then pull it out.