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Performance characteristics/application of roller type wire drawing machine.
- Feb 06, 2018 -

Performance characteristics of roller type wire drawing machine:

The roller type wire drawing machine is a kind of non-slip dry continuous wire drawing machine. In drawing process, the steel wire and the drum drum circumferential direction along the drum circumferential direction there is no relative sliding surface, the surface wear is relatively small, and the middle one reel temporary parking, followed by the drum can still rely on their product line of work for a period of time as usual. The model has a simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, low manufacturing cost, water drawing machine manufacturers, at the same time coefficient has certain product line, steel wire on the roll of Jane to stay for a long time, helpful for better cooling of steel wire. But line roller is more, brand wire drawing machine, not only increased the number of wire bending and the roll barrel product, make steel wire in the process of drawing reverse along its axis, the serious influence the quality of steel wire and surface quality.

This characteristic of the roller type wire drawing machine determines that the machine is only suitable for steel wire and other wire with relatively low quality and strength.

The drawing process of wire drawing machine is composed of line, water cooling, collecting line and line, etc. Besides water cooling, other processes need to use motor. With the rising of science and technology, dc drive and the torque motor used in electric system has been gradually replaced by ac frequency conversion technology, ac frequency conversion technology of wood has a dominant role in the wire drawing machine equipment.

The main function of wire drawing machine is to process copper wire into various specifications. The equipment generally has impact load characteristic, which has the characteristics of large torque and full torque output. In the system, the high speed precision proportional linkage control is generally required, and the driving device characteristics require higher load.

It can be divided into metal wire drawing machine, plastic wire drawing machine and bamboo wire drawing machine. Metal wire drawing machine for the production of transportation by the steel manufacturer to standard parts and other metal products manufacturing enterprise of wire or rod through the wire drawing machine drawing processing, make the diameter of wire or rod, roundness, internal metallurgical structure, surface finish and straightening degrees are required for standard parts and other metal products production of raw materials processing requirements; Plastic wire drawing machine is made from polyester, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester chip and other raw material production of various solid core, hollow round wire or flat wire for deep processing into thin wire. The plastic wire made of this equipment has the advantages of uniform thickness, smooth, non-breaking wire and less consumption.

According to the internal control method and structure different can be divided into water tank type, roller type, linear type and so on. The water tank wire drawing machine belongs to sliding type drawing. The diameter range of wire drawing finished product is between 0.1-1.2mm, and can be pulled up by multiple times. The working characteristic of the pulley type wire drawing machine is that there is no slip product line drawing, there is a twist, and the diameter range of the finished wire is between 0.5-4.5mm. The diameters of straight wire drawing products are higher than those of the above two types, which are between 0.5-7.0mm, and there is no slip or twist when working.