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No brakes after wire drawing machine disconnected
- Jan 27, 2018 -

Reason: 1 control electromagnetic brake relays and provide dc24v power supply of the bridge heap is not normal, 2 brake electromagnetic clutch is not normal, its brake pads clearance is too large or wear seriously, 3 by the controller output Y08 and other related brakes with the line is not normal. 4 controller dc24v is not normal, voltage deviation is too low.

Processing: Electromagnetic brakes, please check the processing, the controller dc24v, voltage deviation is too low mainly in the controller of a protective resistor for a long time after the deterioration of the resistance, if you can judge the position shape of the thermistor can be turned on the controller to short-circuit it, if there is still no Y08 output (Y08 to + 24V should be about 24V, brake when the Y08 may output to the transistor has been damaged, if the Y08 still have output, the effect is equivalent to Y08 output, can be replaced by Y07.