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Measures to improve equipment maintenance level
- Dec 24, 2017 -

In order to improve the maintenance level of equipment, the maintenance work should be basically three - scale, namely, standardization, process and institutionalization.

Standardization is to make the maintenance content unified, which parts should be cleaned, which parts should be adjusted, which devices should be inspected, and should be considered and regulated according to the objective laws of each enterprise.

The process of process is to make maintenance process according to different equipment.

The institutionalization is based on different working conditions of different equipment, stipulating different maintenance period and maintenance time, and strictly implementing.

For regular maintenance work, the quota of work hours and the amount of material consumption should be set and assessed according to the quota.

Equipment maintenance work should be combined with the enterprise production economic contract responsibility system for assessment. At the same time, enterprises should launch the equipment maintenance work of the group to conduct self-inspection.