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Matters needing attention during the process of copper wire drawing in winter
- Dec 24, 2017 -

1. Raw materials ---- Although we are in the process of drawing, on the surface of the oxide layer peeling, no strong evidence that raw material and finished product line oxide oxidation also have inevitable connection, but from my personal Angle advise supplier to pay attention to the packing and ensure the product has no oxidation, because I think the oxidation in the process of doing superfine line, bolt will obviously increase, perhaps oxide impurities mixed with it.

2. In the process of wire drawing, the busbar of each link is expected to be wrapped in anti-rust paper before it is put into production, and even ordinary paper circulation can be used;

3. In the process of production, the spraying quantity of drawing oil is not sufficient, especially since many companies do not regularly manage the pipeline pumps, which can be blocked easily.

4. In the drawing, employees are negligent, the valve is not opened completely, or forget to open, thus directly affect the cooling of the copper wire, and even immediately change color;

5. The drawing die has not been regularly managed, and the copper powder of the drawing die has been piled up seriously, resulting in the failure of drawing oil to cool the lubrication;

6. The fluctuation of the pH value of drawing oil is recommended to be controlled at about 9;

7.You must wrap the products in anti-rust paper as soon as possible. You must not put them naked for a long time.

8. Ask staff not to contact copper wire with bare hands;

9. Must production at the required speed.

Finally, two words "management"