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Introduction to the control of wire drawing fluid of copper wire drawing machine.
- Jan 20, 2018 -

Requirements for circulating equipment of wire drawing and drawing machine:

(1) the drawing emulsion pool should be large enough to cover the cross-sectional area, well ventilated, minimize the emulsion temperature, and improve the cooling performance of the emulsion. The emulsion surface should be less than 1m from the ground and ensure the smooth surface of the emulsion pool to increase the emulsion cooling effect.

(2) the open-air emulsion pool should have canopy, prevent the rain and snow, bacteria and other impurities, affect emulsion PH and concentration, which affects the stability of the emulsion, oxidation resistance and lubricity, emulsion pool should be set higher than the ground surrounding a certain distance of the cofferdam, in case of rainwater.

(3) the distance between the reflux tube and the liquid surface should be minimized to reduce the kinetic energy generated during the emulsion circulation and reduce the tendency of the foam, so as to facilitate the deposition of fine aluminum powder in the emulsion.

(4) additional reflux emulsion filtering facilities, in order to filter out lotion contains impurities, scrap metal and the pipeline cleaning emulsion, which can prolong the lifetime of emulsion, ensure the quality of wire rod surface and the emulsion lubrication performance.

(5) regularly clean and inspect the drawing tower wheel and mould, remove the metal fines and impurities accumulated on the tower wheel, replace the unqualified mould and ensure the surface quality of the wire.

Maintenance of emulsion:

Emulsion in the process of using proper maintenance and management, not only can obtain the best treatment effect, and can greatly prolong the service life of the emulsion, reduce waste emissions, so as to achieve maximum economic benefits. Emulsion of maintenance and management, there are two aspects, one is to prevent outside pollutants into and keep clear of in time, another is to keep stable performance of water-based working liquid, such as concentration, anti-rust, PH value, antibacterial ability, etc. The concentration of drawing emulsion should be controlled within the specified range, so that all kinds of properties meet the requirements. Determination of the concentration of available refractometer or emulsion oil content or a particular component, such as alkali value, alcohol amine content determination methods, such as through concentration determination to decide after a period of time is the need to add water after using or adding concentrate. The PH value of emulsion is often decreased during the use of the emulsion, and the decrease of PH value can cause the rust resistance of the emulsion and the antibacterial ability. When the concentration meets the requirements, the PH value cannot reach the specified value, and the PH value of the working fluid should be increased in time with triethanolamine and sodium carbonate, and it is controlled within the prescribed scope.