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Introduction and comparison of equipment functions of different drawing machines.
- Feb 08, 2018 -

1. Roller type drawing machine: simple structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance and low cost.

Compared with several other equipments, the obvious advantages in price pulley of wire drawing machine, the equipment required for low cost, convenient management, in the process of operation time, coefficient has a certain product in the production line, steel wire on the roll of Jane to stay for a long time, helpful for better cooling of steel wire. Suitable for low carbon steel wire and other wire for drawing medium, small size, quality and strength.

2. Double roller drawing machine: good cooling effect.

Although double mandrel drawing machine in the process of operation is a little more complicated, the improvement of production speed is not obvious, but to a great extent, improve the quality of the steel wire drawing process, the wire twisting phenomenon under control, and better cooling effect on the reel. The machine is a transition machine developed from the roller type wire drawing machine to the higher level drawing machine. It is suitable for drawing medium and small size steel wire, which is not suitable for drawing steel wire with high specification strength.

3. Movable type wire drawing machine: low energy consumption and prolonged drawing die life.

With the development of the needs of social development and standardization of production, a more useful equipment - loop type wire drawing machine, it simplifies the wire walking the line between drum, in the process of drawing wire not torsion, axial and the adoption of a dc motor, stepless speed regulation, can achieve wide range enlarged the scope of the selection of elongation between drum, can run under the most reasonable working state. It is suitable for high strength steel wire and alloy steel wire drawing medium and small size.

4. Water tank drawing machine: the drawing density is high.

Water tank wire drawing machine is often used to pull fine wire of different specifications. During the working process, the cooling and lubricating conditions of steel wire are optimized, and the quality is guaranteed. Defect is in the process of drawing, steel wire and drum surface between the relative sliding, the friction and roll agitation of liquid cooling and lubrication consumes a lot of power, reduces the efficiency, and make the roll surface wear.