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Introduction and classification of flat wire drawing machine.
- Feb 20, 2018 -

Planar wire-drawing machine can be used to deal with snow sand effect, with flume, main motor can adjust speed, the operation is convenient and efficient. Special machine can be customized according to the product width.

Product description of wire drawing machine:

1. The chain plate is installed on the circulating conveyor chain, which can be clamped and worn continuously.

2. Set time (0 -- 60 seconds) to stop work.

3. Add water to cool, prevent the workpiece from being burned and dust pollution during grinding.

4. The sand belt shall be contacted by the cylinder pressing plate and the workpiece, and the pressure can be adjusted according to the surface roughness and grinding amount of the workpiece.

5. From rough grinding to finishing, it can be used to select two, three and four sand heads according to the desired effect.

6. Electric lifting of the workbench, with manual micro-adjustment device, the accuracy is below 0.01mm.

7. After grinding, the size control is accurate and the product is not deformed.

8. According to the different materials and sizes, the daily output is about 2,000 to 6000 pieces. The production efficiency has been greatly improved.

9. Low labor intensity, only two ordinary workers can be used up and down, reducing labor cost.

Application: it is applicable to all kinds of stainless steel, copper, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy lock panel, lock body, bathroom clip, door clip and various kinds of hardware of hardware, such as surface grinding, straightening, etc.

What is the classification of flat wire drawing machine?

Plank drawing machine: is suitable for the iron plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, stainless steel plate, etc all kinds of sheet metal thickness accuracy of wire drawing wire drawing, conveyor transmission way, with a high degree of automation, high production efficiency and accuracy of wire drawing is good wait for a characteristic, sanding the surface level off, smooth, silking for broken wire, uniform silking, coarse sand and fine sand, wire drawing wheel drawing forming at a time.

2. The plane grinding wire drawing machine: this machine is divided into two semi-automatic and fully automatic flat grinding of wire drawing machine, used for all kinds of stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy lock panel, lock body, bathroom clip, door stopper and all kinds of sanitary ware hardware surface smooth, straight lines, etc., with water cooling, air cylinder, high display shows, workbench, electric hoist, manual adjustment function, workpiece after grinding, the surface smooth lines; Smooth and exquisite, accurate size control, is a high production of fully automatic equipment.

3. Conveyor water drawing machine: this machine can be divided into the conveyor watermill wire drawing machine and chain plate conveyor watermill wire drawing machine, conveyor belt grinding of unlimited length of wire drawing machine is suitable for various copper, iron, stainless steel flat sanding, grinding flat, wiredrawing processing, has the very good cooling effect of sanding, wire drawing, broken wire can be a forming, silking uniform clear, clear, high efficiency. Chain plate conveyor watermill wire drawing machine is suitable for various metal short pieces of sanding, polishing, wiredrawing processing, this machine for the continuity of the clamping workpiece, the workpiece under the uneven fixture replacement are available, and for a living, skilled production workers, the workpiece can be coarse grinding, fine grinding, molding, save labor costs, improve the production efficiency, high production machinery and equipment.

4. Triangle plane drawing machine: size can be customized according to the product specification, applicable to various industries products plane, surface grinding, wire drawing processing, silking clearly apparent, long straight wire, snow wire.