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How to solve the external diameter deviation of copper wire drawing machine
- Dec 24, 2017 -

Solution: to lubricate the storage line, avoid the friction force of the line in the high speed, so that the line is thin. Adjust the tension of the line so that the drawing is always attached to the annealing wheel; Ensure that the annealing wheel is in good condition to avoid the instability of the annealing current due to the defect of the steel ring. According to the actual situation of wire drawing machine wire drawing machine for mold fitting again: according to the principle of drawing on the wheel drive shaft to adjust the annealing of the diameter of the wheel, adjustable triangle anneal wheel speed/constant speed wheel speed = forward slip coefficient by the metering/annealing wheel diameter, diameter of the metering and annealing the diameter of the wheel is known, and the metering and annealing wheel speed can also be measured, the forward slip coefficient can be obtained, by this wire drawing machine can slip coefficient to deserves to die, in this way can match the mold meet the requirements.