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How to manipulate the drawing machine? What are the considerations for action drawing machine?
- Mar 29, 2017 -

Appointment requests:

⑴ certificate, the operator must hold a drawing machine operation, machine operation on undocumented persons is strictly prohibited.

⑵, operators must be in a specified device for non-ferrous metal wire drawing machine production operations, no non-native machine operation or series of operations on the staff.

C, the operator must be familiar with the basic technology of the equipment parameters and performance indicators.

D, operations personnel must be dedicated, serious drawing machine auxiliary equipment responsible, skilled in operation, maintenance and repair of this equipment.

⑸, operators must constantly sum up learning obtained its quality improved.

Second, security action:

⑴, operators must wear gloves work to prevent workpiece burn your fingers and affect the quality of the product.

B, power equipment should be carefully checked before gas gas

(5kg/cm2), whether the gas pipeline leak, discharged air filters in the water.

C, installed correctly drawing belt (drawing belt inside echo drawing roller in the direction of the arrow on the direction of the arrow). Carefully check the upper and lower bearing blocks and lifting screw lubrication is good, determined positive when no one can boot.

D, equipment startup should immediately check whether the belt swing, within the range requested, with or without other abnormalities, you should immediately adjust or shut down.

⑸, no drawing machine and dust collection blower start at the same time, no boot after the operator out of the workforce.

Services, is strictly prohibited without pallet of workpiece drawing directly on the conveyor belt, non-wooden pallets without block directly on the workpiece drawing, so as not to damage the belt and workpiece to fly out wounded people.

⑺, two jobs, the device rear wire drawing machine operator may not being exported to avoid artifacts should fly out the injured people.

H, moderate drawing machine pressure adjustments should, under normal circumstances the pressure gauge should be between 35~75, no more than the red line, so as not to cause a device or personal injury.

⑼, equipment under normal operating conditions is strictly prohibited to adjust the air pressure to prevent belt that got out of control equipment, personal injury.

⑽, abnormal during operation of equipment should be immediately shut down, power outages, so that failure to expand.

⑾ in maintenance, equipment should turn off the main power supply and licensing is strictly prohibited as shown in operation, so as to avoid accidents.

⑿, work or equipment long-unavailable should turn off the main power supply and compressed air to ensure safety.

Third, the operational requirements:

⑴, processing operations should be carefully read before drawings and technical information so as to avoid bulk scrap or waste.

⑵, processing operations should be determined according to the technical requirements carefully brushed, brushed surface, correct choice of wire belt.

⑶, processing the entire process actions that should be wearing gloves, attention to the surface protection, to prevent scratches, bumps workpiece wastage.

D, is strictly prohibited without a cleaning of the workpiece directly brushed.