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How to maintain the sanding machine
- Jan 04, 2018 -

1. After work every day, the following points must be done:

(1) clean the entire machine with filtered air, especially the inner surface and table of the conveyor belt should not be dusty, so as not to affect the accuracy of sand light.

(2) dust removal devices should be used when cleaning machine tools.

(3) check the compressed air filter to remove moisture from the filter.

2. Once a week, you must do the following:

1) check the compressed air oil mist and lubricate the lubricating oil.

2) check the graphite cloth on the lower part of the sanding pad and replace it when damaged or damaged. '

3. Once a month, you must do the following:

1) check the carpet pad under the sand mat with the ruler, and modify or replace it in time.

2) open the front cover of the speed change machine, cover the base, and lubricate the chain with butter. The oil gun is used to grease the bearings.

1. The frequency converter is combined with the drag of imported variable frequency motor to achieve soft start, soft stop, stable speed adjustment and small impact.

2. Using the three-motor synchronous drive, the variable speed range of the traveling star wheel can be selected to meet the requirements of different grinding materials and grinding processes.

3. The single motor synchronizes the lifting sun wheel with the inner ring, and stops the lock at random within the range of the total travel, satisfying the requirements for the release of the working parts and adjusting the meshing position of the cruise ship;

4. Gantry box structure to facilitate the replacement of grinding disk and maintenance of equipment;

5. The upper and lower grinding disks are driven by helical gear, and the operation is stable.

6. Adopt PLC control, and the pressure is controlled by electric power - air proportional valve and tension sensor closed-loop feedback control.

7. The application of man-machine interface (PT) display and PLC control, on the one hand display operation parameters, and on the other hand, adjust the process parameters through its touch keys, and the main operation is completed by the normal key button;

8, adopts automatic lubricating device, the user can be used according to their own situation, set automatic lubrication time, the surface of the relative movement and gear mesh parts of machine, wheel can get sufficient lubrication, greatly improving the service life of the machine.