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How to save electricity skillfully when drawing machine is running?
- Feb 09, 2018 -

Today, electricity has a huge impact on people's lives. We can't imagine how we should live without electricity one day. When our mobile phone is low, it will remind us to enter the power-saving mode, so can we also enter the power-saving mode when we use the wire-drawing machine?

The answer is yes, as long as you master a few tricks, the wire-drawing machine can save energy and save energy while working normally. Let's get to the bottom of this.

First of all, based on how it works, we know that when the wire drawing machine is working, there is a program that needs to be heated. Is when the cylinder at the time of heating, heating circle it is used to work, this way of working in the electricity is more, its heating process can be interpreted as: the first thing you need to heat the heating circle to heat, and then by passing it to cylinder, it is a process of heat transfer. So, in this process, there's a certain amount of heat that's going to be wasted, and it's going to be wasted, and obviously, the heat that's being wasted is actually coming from electricity.

In addition to the loss of heat in the process, the surface of the heating ring is also exposed to the air, so some of the heat is absorbed by the air, which is also a waste of electricity. Data statistics, drawing during, just in the process of heat transfer on heating circle, the loss of electricity reached about forty percent, it is conceivable, if can effectively avoid the waste of electricity, this process ACTS as the goal of energy saving.

So, how to avoid waste effectively and save this part of electricity? There is a good way to do this, and what we need to do is wrap a layer of insulation cotton on the surface of the drawing machine, and then add the electromagnetic heating coil. The electromagnetic induction coil after the power supply is generated by electromagnetic induction, the material tube is automatically heated, and the insulation cotton can prevent the heat from running into the air, saving at least 30 percent of the electricity.