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Fiber optics connector terminology.
- Feb 04, 2018 -

From fiber optic cable (cable) connector aluminum wire drawing machine tail light fiber (cable) connector to pull the seat group failed to pass tactical gracefully drawing wire drawing machine and the song is full of hidden teach the device.
1. Kelley definition
1.1 fiber optic teaching connector
fiberOp copper wire drawing machine ticcobne wire drawing machine ctor
Fiber optic connector to teach non-fiber optic (cable) between
Achilles heel to teach even the device.
Optical fiber (system) to take light teaching components, optical fiber (cable) take light flow or detector
1.2 fiber light to teach connector type
Optical fiber connector; cable connector;
Optical fiber fixed cross; cable fixed cross;
Cookware Taiwan;
Other aluminum wire drawing machine closed device
2. Optical fiber (cable) connector
2.1 Optical fiber connector
Fiber (cable) Fixed term in the cross section
Refers to the optical fiber terminal is installed so that the two fibers fill the light to teach even the device. Allow sinking copper wire drawing machine single pulling war combined.
No by-band optical fiber connector euphemism. Optical fiber connector is generally suitable for fiber optic cable connector pullout fiber optic connector for pulling.
Optical fiber connector delivery generally refers to fixed (in the plate or under the roof) This fiber connector connector generally refers to not pull this part of the fixed.
Secondary form of aluminum wire drawing unit off, pull into, for copper and other wire drawing machine
2.2 cable connector
Refers to the demolition of the optical cable terminal is filled with two optical cables to teach even the device. Allow a single pull out of the war combined.
None of the cable with cable connector euphemism. Cable connector for the general composite fiber optic cable connector even pull the tail cable cable connector pull the seat.
Optical cable connector pull generally refers to fixed (plate or under the roof) of this combination. Optical cable connector pull generally refers to not fixed this combination.
No secondary form of secondary form, less drawing movement and other comprehensive separation.
2.3 Group of fiber optic (cable) connector
By two fiber (cable) connector tail warfare / or pull the seat and optical fiber (cable) connector euphemism with the same group to defeat to fill the dark teach even the device.
2.4 pull-in optical fiber (cable) connector