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Drawing machine specifications
- Feb 05, 2018 -

    Every machine has a national standard that is not used, so what are the national standards for wire-drawing machines? What should we pay attention to when we buy?

    On June 28, 1999, national mechanical industry bureau released the drawing machine current national standards: JB/T 7910-1999, the standard start effective from January 1, 2000, from now on this standard replaced the JB/T 7910-7910, wire drawing machine national standard as early as 1989, released on March in GB 10600-89 for the first time in April 1996, adjusted for JB/T 7910-95.

    Current drawing national standards JB/T 7910-1999 rules for wire drawing machine type and basic parameters of wire drawing machine, wire drawing machine, drawing machine, the technical requirements for the test methods, inspection rules of wire drawing machine, wire drawing machine of mark, packing, transportation and storage and wire drawing machine manufacturing.

    In fact, the so-called national standard is for enterprises to be able to produce safely and regulate production. Safety first, quality first. Regulate the industry and keep the industry in order so that more enterprises can develop in a healthy environment and compete fairly.