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Drawing machine controller controller screen no display, blue screen, no digital display, there is a white line flickering, there is a digital display not all flower screen, etc.
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Cause 1: the controller screen is damaged.

Handle 1: please return to our department for maintenance. 

Reason 2: external DC24 related circuit appliances, such as sensors, intermediate relays have damage and short circuit, including connection lines break, short circuit. 

Principle 2: from the controller power supply related devices, first determine whether the controller has a AC220V power supply, if there is, you can observe the controller has an indicator light or not. If the controller is bright, the power supply of the controller is basically normal, and the screen can be basically judged to be damaged; If the indicator lamp is not on, please unplug the external function terminals of the controller so that the controller is in a no-load power supply state. If the light indicates that the external circuit is out of order.