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Drawing machine controller can not run after startup
- Jan 26, 2018 -

Reason 1: there is no part running after startup (the controller will show automatic operation, but the actual equipment does not move) this problem is mainly due to the controller DC10V voltage of 0. That is, no output. External DC10V related circuit short circuit (precision potentiometer short circuit) can cause this phenomenon. 

Process 1: unplug DA1U DA2, measure controller DC10V voltage with multimeter, no output, please return to our maintenance, if there is output, please check external connection. 

Reason 2: controller external to the frequency converter R 5 A B R 6 A B or D A 1 D A 2 connection and plug-in may be loosened or shedding. 

Process 2: plug-in tight.

Reason 3: frequency converter did not switch to the monitoring screen or set incorrect operation mode, belt break and motor idling and so on DC10V after detection damage. 

Process 3: 1. Reset the frequency converter parameter .2. unplug the R5A-BU R6A-B plug, press the running button, and measure with a multimeter diode, there should be a resistance value of 1K to 2K, if infinite. That is to say, the controller is bad, please return to our company for maintenance.