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Daily maintenance of wire drawing machine.
- Jan 16, 2018 -

We use wire drawing machine, in the daily maintenance is necessary, first of all, often to the measurements of the size of the finished product, check the size is not accord with a standard, if appear the phenomenon of larger size, it needs to check on wire drawing machine mould wear, if is indeed appear wear, it must be replaced, make sure that brushed finished product belongs to the qualified products. The second is to check the ash box regularly, mainly to observe whether the amount of brushed powder is sufficient, and if there is insufficient phenomenon, it will affect the quality of the steel wire on the surface.

The operation of the wire drawing machine is normal and the length of life of the drawing machine is not only related to the quality of the production process, but also the daily maintenance. For wire drawing machine, but also nots allow to ignore to maintain daily, the replacement of parts, and lubrication is very important, because the wire drawing machine in the process of work, the scale will appear fall off phenomenon, and the scale of, if not clear, can directly into the bearing and roller, therefore, the location of the need for more frequent ash to clean, to ensure that the components are on the run smooth. In the wire drawing machine, it is very important to the position occupied by the wire drawing die, and only use the mould is a standard, to processing and produce standard products, also need to regularly check the wire diameter of wire drawing die, ensure that products are qualified products processing.