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Daily maintenance of equipment ——Once a week
- Dec 24, 2017 -

The weekly routine maintenance of the equipment operator is carried out every weekend. The maintenance time is: 2h for general equipment, 4h for fine, large and thin equipment.

(1) exterior cleaning equipment guide, each driving part and exposed part, cleaning the work area. Achieve inner and outer clean without dead Angle, no rust, the surrounding environment is clean.

(2) operate the transmission to check the technical status of the parts, tighten the loose parts and adjust the clearance. Check interlock, insurance device. The transmission sound is normal and safe and reliable.

(3) hydraulic lubrication oil line, dust proof felt, oil filter, oil tank filling or oil change. Check hydraulic system to achieve clean oil, smooth oil, no leakage, no research injury.

(4) the electric system wipes the motor and the surface of the snake skin, checking the insulation and grounding to achieve complete, clean and reliable.