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CNC bending machine for safe operation
- Mar 29, 2017 -

1. the operators should seriously perform the daily maintenance requirements. Before starting check the equipment parts and accessories well whether full CNC bending machine, lubrication, electrical, power, control and safety devices are safe, reliable, solid connection of PE lines, road, there is no leakage of gas-free pickling decorticating machine, gear oil, whether it meets the requirements, the steel bar is in the allowed range. 2. empty runs 5 minutes, confirmed that normal power and control switch, check for warning signs, such as alarm indicator, fault tips troubleshooting. 3. adjust the traction and into the cylinder of the cylinder pressure regulator, adjustable steel clamping without damage to the proper pressure. 4. adjust the straightening wheels, when the reinforcing steel bar straightening wheel even by force. 5. when machining different diameter of steel bars, selection of appropriate mandrel. 6. numeric keypad, according to processed material input processing graphic number, diameter, angle, and processing and production. 7. the device is running, close the protective door and the back door, avoiding bars pop up hurts. Direct or indirect touch machine parts and machining steel to ensure safety. 8. when emergencies arise or wrong action, immediately press the emergency stop button. 9. steel bar into position near the station is strictly prohibited. 10. the work is over, turn off the main power supply and system power, according to the required finishing workpiece, cleaning equipment and responsibilities surrounding health regions, tools, accessories for safe keeping.