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Automatic line compensation system for copper wire drawing machine.
- Jan 09, 2018 -

Automatic compensation controller is mainly used in the rows of rows of roughness application more occasions, to have next pay-off or stranded wire does not produce wire, etc., this row and line controller with any brand of micro wire drawing machine and machine matching, application and copper wire, aluminum wire, stainless steel wire, brass wire, copper clad aluminum wire, enameled wire, metal wire drawing industry.

On the market at present the traditional micro tensile machine or the machine machine adopts synchronous motor + 2 rows of position limit switch, wiring for ribbon cable operator is needed in the process of margin can be adjusted continuously. There are two kinds of iron disc and ABS plastic disc, and there are many kinds of iron discs on the small puller, and ABS plastic disc is generally used to draw the line. When the line wheel deformation of qualification or when using different manufacturer of wheel (with the proper error between different manufacturers of wheel), at this time due to the error of the wheel itself will row line at different times for different levels of "high" or "sag" phenomenon, when this happens you need operators don't time to adjust the limit position of ribbon cable, a slight negligence will cause the product scrap wire or next pay-off can't put it out. When the line wheel using ABS plastic wheel, empty row line is stable when approaching plateful plastic wheel will have different degree of slight rise phenomenon, this time we need artificial limit position switch to adjust the discharge line, which increased the intensity of the operator and also increase the risk of ribbon cable wire line.

Based on the above situation, it is imperative to develop automatic line compensation system, which is very ideal after three years' research and development and continuous testing of automatic line compensation system. The biggest advantage of automatic line controller is that it can monitor the change of winding diameter in real time to control the level of line. No manual intervention is required to greatly improve the production and eliminate the influence of human factors on line quality, and ensure the reliability of line quality.