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Attention in the use of inverted drawing machine.
- Feb 08, 2018 -

Inverted wire drawing machine, perfectly solves the problem of some related industries of production, it not only simplifies the work steps, also greatly shorten the work period, and speed control is easy to operate simple, the production efficiency improved significantly, and effectively reduce the production cost.

However, we at the time of operation and use of the inverted type wire drawing machine, need to satisfy the following conditions, otherwise it may affect the quality of the entire product production, unable to effectively meet the expected effect, serious word will directly lead to inverted wire drawing machine appear damage phenomenon.

First of all, in the process of using a handstand type wire drawing machine, should pay attention to regularly check their daily lubrication effect, and all electrical lines are in the normal operation of the complete, all joint contact place is safe, if you find any broken skin and aging etc. Bad phenomenon should be treated in a timely manner.

Second, before we open a handstand type wire drawing machine, to ensure that the fuselage pressure in normal state, the body does not have any loose and the phenomenon of deformation, and the abrasion conditions of guarantee within the acceptable range.

Finally, the staff must master the correct operation mode before operating the inverted drawing machine, otherwise it cannot be operated separately. If you're drawing die wear, and hook to drag chain, need to have professional operation personnel in front of the panel to care, to avoid other people close to the equipment, cause harm to the person, or because of improper operation and cause personnel casualties and so on.

Also, ensure that inverted wire drawing machine in the process of the whole operation, frequency converter can not beyond its maximum power, also can't is beyond the scope of compression ratio regulation parameters, lest by overloading the damages to the motor and drive system.

Stop running when the inverted wire drawing machine, also need to carry on the corresponding maintenance and maintenance, to ensure the whole workbench to the clean health, and build a good working environment.