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Application and maintenance of aluminum wire drawing machine of wire drawing machine
- Mar 29, 2017 -

1, and Roberts machine matching mold Hou, according to mold wear die of requirements, should aluminum line line diameter give shrink diameter, to line diameter Shun adjustable straight machine Lee wear die, line diameter wear film yihou, put threads wear into Roberts clamp, put mold by to first Taiwan 1th, Roberts machine silk mother seat within, by Roberts rope of another drawing machine end hanging in Roberts pot of small hole Shang, points moving foot switch, makes Roberts pot shipped biography. After drawing several times, remove the wire clamp, then starting 1th machine, 1th machine caramelized pot more than half after Roberts of semi-finished products, thread after hanging aluminum wheels, cross the line into the 2nd machine.

2, the second mode reduced wear mode as required, to move the drawing, to follow the wire drawing machine ring, making drawing after multi-molds, the wire, traction to the wire wheel, start wire-rewinding machine, start the drawing process.

3, host switch switch knob spin to the linkage to start knob and winding button and adjust each of the variable-frequency speed control potentiometer knobs, take-up motor controller knobs at the same time, the motor speed above, make it run properly brushed. Use speed to achieve the best match results.