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Aluminium alloy wire drawing machine
- Jan 07, 2018 -

The characteristics of aluminum alloy determine that it will be widely used. Recently, the demand for aluminum alloy in the international market has increased greatly, and there is a tendency of inheriting and expanding. With the rapid growth of the global casting industry and the growth of the cable industry, the international demand for aluminum alloys will continue to rise. As a major manufacturer of aluminum alloys, China must firmly grasp this opportunity and take advantage of the market. The future will be widely used in the automotive industry, and the demand will increase.

On May 4, the cable promotion exchange of aluminum alloy pointed out that as an emerging product of the Marine market, aluminum alloy cable officially entered the hainan market. Compared with copper cable, the cost of using aluminum alloy cable can be 20% to 30% low. In the condition of satisfying the electric conductivity, the cable length of the aluminum alloy cable is twice as long as the copper cable. When the conductor section of the aluminum alloy cable is 1.5 times that of the copper core, its electrical performance root is claimed.

Aluminum alloy is very likely in the next few years, replace copper core to become the new favorite of wire and cable production enterprises. But taken together, both copper price is high, remains the same as the grid Settings and equipment deployment for a new boom, will bring opportunities for the growth of aluminum alloy, more to find the copper wire and cable manufacturing enterprise perfect replacement, free from dependence on the copper. Now, the relevant country scale and industry scale of aluminium alloy single wire and aluminum alloy power cables have been set up in the sea, and are now in the approval stage. When the scale comes out, the power grid of the largest purchasing unit of the cable cable will be expected to participate in the purchase list of aluminum alloy cable, so that the aluminum alloy cable can get bigger and more open space.