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A shot blasting machine. Rust Remover application
- Mar 29, 2017 -

1 metal surface cleaning

Descaling device first used in foundry industry cast steel, cast iron surface-sand and oxide skin removing. Almost all of cast steel, gray cast,

Steel tubing derusting machine scalers malleable, ductile iron castings must be shot. Not only is the skin to remove surface oxidation and sand and wire drawing machine is an indispensable preparation before casting quality inspection, such as large scale gas turbine casing in the spool take-up in non-destructive research on shot peening cleaning the wound must strictly in order to ensure the reliability of testing results. General casting, shot peening cleaning is to detect surface defects such as pinhole and slag inclusion put sand, cold, and essential techniques such as skin. Non-ferrous metal castings, such as aluminum alloy, copper alloy, surface cleaning, besides descaling, found the surface of the casting defects, more important goal is to shot blasting to clear casting burrs and get decorating sense surface quality, access to comprehensive results.

Metallurgy of iron and steel production, blasting a pickling is the guarantee of steel wire rust get high productivity and mass production of the airport railway by mechanical chemical descaling process. Silicon steel sheet, stainless steel sheet and other steel in the production of plate, strip, in cold-rolling processes must be annealed in a blast a pickling treatment, to ensure that the surface roughness of cold rolled steel and thickness accuracy. 2 metal reinforcement-improved fatigue strength